Made a new mix last night! This one includes a bunch of awesome music that you should be listening to, as well as a few new/unreleased songs of mine!

A thought on current electronic dance music, and other forms of art…

Someone mentioned to me that they considered switching their current style of music so they could reach a larger audience, i decided to reply with this: “It really frickin doesn’t matter, regardless of what genre you make, it doesn’t matter at all. If you switch to all big room and all festival-shit genres that everyone else is doing, it doesn’t matter. You will still be in the same place you are now. I hate to break that to you, but you will. Ha, maybe you will get some support from some dope ass blogs, Carbon-copy “music producers” or w/e, but man.. that shit doesn’t mean anything. You might as well stick to what you really want to do, because there aren’t many people out in the world who will really appreciate the music you are making, and the ones who do you need to hold close to you and cherish them and talk to them. those will be your true friends/following. But other than that, seriously.. no one gives a shit about what your music SOUNDS like, just about what you look like to the rest of the public, and the persona you are pushing.. but even the persona part is a bit too too “artistic” for people to appreciate…” I am no saint or anything, and I hardly feel I have the right to give this kind of advice to people, but it just frustrated me that someone would consider doing that. If you guys know anyone who is considering something like this, in any art-form, feel free to share this with them. This world is filled with scum & bottom feeders and it’s best we prevent more from rising.

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